Saturday, March 10, 2012


    Search engines are odd things sometimes. I logged on this evening to read a comment by someone who actually comments (I really do appreciate that), and saw an odd blip in my stat-o-meter. More people had viewed my blog in an hour, than during the previous five or so days combined. I clicked for more info (isn’t it amazing that even lazy non-programmers can do things like this, and for free, too?); they were mostly from the United Arab Emirates and interested in Palmyra. Apparently the town is under siege in the sort of civil war thing that’s going on? I didn’t know that before. Well… I’m sorry to hear that (and, in retrospect, not so very surprised, since that was where they said the people in the area had moved to and set up camp when at war with the French). The things one can learn from following odd stats pattern on their blogs…

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