Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The World seriously needs a Superman


The very idea of having a Superman to save the world may be Utopian. Hence, it becomes a bit difficult to judge the reason for having him. And it becomes even more difficult to answer ‘why we need him?’.

But for once, only once, lets try and think that Superman is real.
That there really is a person out there, wearing a blue-red attire with his ‘S’ signature, who flies high in the infinite, tearing the wind with his whetted, muscular body. A man who has the extra-ordinary power of resisting anything. A not-so-ordinary man who, with his powers, can rotate the earth in the opposite direction just so that he can bring things back to normal. Go to the past, and change it. The bullet when hits his eyes, turns into a mere metal plate, worth nothing.
Fascinating but, unreal. Imaginary.

But, a Superman need not look and be the same for all. He need not have the power to stop a plane from crashing neither does he need to have the power to swiftly cut the wind to reach the little but huge globe falling, due to the earthquake, to save a hundred lives.

Your Superman, need save only YOUR life. And when every person has their own Superman, we’re all gonna be safe. We’re all gonna be loved by him and he’ll be loved by us.

My Superman doesn’t have the power to turn the globe around in order to change the bad of the past. But, I know that he HAS the ability to pull me out of the fast running stream while I’m drowning; help me escape a building that has caught fire; and protect me from almost every evil on this earth, without even thinking about his own life.

My Superman is my Dad. And I have complete and utter faith in him. I know that he’ll rescue me each time I’m in trouble.

I’m sure everyone of us have their own Superman. We only need to trust him and realise his value

So, who’s your Superman?


  1. What a nice ode to your father. I like that a lot. And I can relate. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

  2. Thanks. That's great, if you can relate to that. No worries, buddy, I'm looking for good reads and blogs anytime.