Sunday, July 22, 2012

The funny side of SEO

   Spam emails often make their way into the inbox. And mostly succeed in providing me the laugh of the day. Ones that advertise “search engine optimization” are one of my personal favorites. What exactly IS search engine optimization? Google will provide you with numerous interesting results, however I thought I would come up with a short (yet not complete) list of the funny side of SEO:
SEO is:
  • A complete scam
  • A common subject of spam WordPress comments.
  • A common subject of robot Twitter accounts
  • A common subject of spam emails
  • Not taken seriously by anyone
  • A way to make your “firm” look like it actually does something
  • A often hilarious gimmick
      Above all, SEO < Nigerian fax scam.
      Have your fill of the laugh! 

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