Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My fictional experience on a moonlit night


Okay, I know you're waiting for the real thing. I can understand.

On a snowing winter moonlight nightAs I walked along the bayIt was beautiful; I had heard them say.When all at once I saw a jovial group of butterflies, Besides the sea, besides the tree, flapping and dancing in the moonlight!As the stars shone, and twinkle along the way, I heard myself say, Wow! What a sight! I saw thousands of them at a glance tossing and playing with their heads, lightening the world! My heart was full of pleasant memories, among the hip-hopping waves, the shining stars, that outdid every flash in the world.The snowflakes kept showering, and left me moaning, and also ecstatic, for I could never ever be in such company!So today I lie on my sofa, in a pensive mood, thinking about the winter night, that makes my heart fill out with thrill, and my soul dance with the flash of nature's beauty! 

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