Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And its the Revolution 2.0...my views on importance of social media

It's the 2.0 Revolution,' says Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who played a key role in bringing about a revolt that started off from the Facebook Walls and spread like fire to the streets of Egypt...
     As a new dawn ushers in Egypt, I take a look at how social media played a pivotal role in the movement.
     Wael Abbas and Nora Younis, avid bloggers regularly covered political protests, corruption, police brutality, democracy, human rights and the like.
      New media can bring people together, build consensus..

       Wael Ghonim, first announced the locations of protest on the Facebook page, which was soon shut down. But he had a back up plan. He used Google groups to send a mass mail campaign to all these people in order to tell them here are the locations and please spread them among your friends.

   So, people, technology definitely played a big role here. I believe it helped keeping people informed, it helped making all the Egyptians collaborate

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