Monday, August 15, 2011

India remembers 26/11

Its been one year since India witnessed one of the worst terrorist attacks in Mumbai. It was a tragic day for every Indian across the world. India has constantly been a target for the terrorists who have been trying to create chaos in India. But I am extremely happy to say that they have managed to bring about more unity within us than ever. Today every Indian is remembering the attack and paying their tributes to the brave people who laid down their lives.

It is really heartening to see how every Indian is holding a place in their heart for the victims of such attacks. There are various events organized across India to join hands against terrorism and fight as one against terrorism. Many companies are donating a part of their revenue earned today to the Indian police force to better equip themselves against such attacks in the future. I truly consider this a realization of their social responsibilities and a good move to help make the society a better place.

The only thing which is really shocking is that the captured terrorist is still in jail and hasn't been punished. What is there to investigate and argue about for 1 year? Wasn't he captured alive from the scene of crime holding an AK-47? Wasn't his face captured in CCTVs everywhere? A recent Times of India report states that India has spent Rs.31 Crore (310 million) to safeguard kasab ajmal and keep him in jail. Why the hell isn't he hanged already? Or should he be publicly humiliated and the close relatives of the victims allowed to stone him to death....hmm, not a bad idea! I strongly state that no human consideration should be given to such people. Stone them or shoot them to death in public.

I pay my tribute to the brave people who lost their lives and lets hope there are no more such attacks.

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