Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday Morning blues-recounting one of my Monday morning experience- occurring repeatedly

   Monday morning. I was reluctant to open my eyes. I consider Monday, as a rule, an especially unpleasant day in my calender. After the delicious freedom of Saturday and Sunday (yeah, must admit it's not so delicious these days), it was difficult to get in the Monday mood of work and discipline.
    I shuddered at the very thought of school; that dismal red building, the fire eyed teachers...
     Still lying on bed, I finally realized that it was yet another Monday. It looked as though only a moment ago the last period of Friday had ended. I sincerely prayed that an earthquake would reduce the school into dust and rubles, but the good school had withstood hundreds of such prayers as yet.

      And of course, there's the Sunday night drama. Another night, forced to go to bed, long before I am tired. My parents, deaf to all my please, also ignore the science that is on my side.
     You know what I mean. at 10:30 comes the order: "Bed!" You toss and turn under the sheets, anxious about how many hours of sleep you have left before that little dictator of an alarm clock starts blaring. All that is visible in the darkness to me are those red digits, proclaiming the slow march of time..12:00...1:00..and I still lie there wide-eyed.

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