Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WE, the Uncivlized

  The other day I had been preparing for the recently concluded examination but could not concentrate. REASON: Neighbor playing loud blaring music. This is the situation. Walls are littered everywhere with posters and spit. People urinate in open areas.
   Just on the other day, I heard the news that my neighbor's grandfather had passed in the ambulance as the route to the hospital was delayed due to a marriage procession blocking its path. Strikes, bandhs, rallies,  mindless parking and weird traffic-welcome to India's city life.
     Our professionals and experts shine everywhere but our public behavior hangs our head in shame. True, in the independent era we have made tremendous progress in almost all walks of life, but we are highly short of forming a civilized public behavior
    Look at the dirt and grime in the public buses, trains and the stink in the public washrooms, which are a rare specie anyhow. Hooligans, beggars and thieves running amok is no strange sight on the roads.
    So, we can all join hands to make our living environment more livable. Let's begin with ourselves.

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