Friday, September 23, 2011

Are foreign influences killing Indian culture?

  This can be both a negative and a positive, and both, yes and a no.
  For the yes part of the topic post, let's get down to the various points. The institution of marriage is crumbling. Teenagers today, who are the most affected, do not respect our traditional values, and I, as a teen, feel this. Explicit exhibitionism in entertainment, TV cables, communication follow western trends. The focus is now on selfish, instant gratification, while the traditional values of humanity, service and patience are mocked.
    Of course, the western influence and the English language bind nations together. Learning English has given us the ability to communicate and socialize with the world, and thus this is a part of actively embracing globalization. So let's take the positives and leave the negatives, for God's sake.

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