Friday, September 9, 2011

Power sentence for every year of my life

  A Crazy blog title, I know! But it would inspiring to look back at those long 13 years.
 Arrived at the world, with a twin brother. Life must have been a bit easier in the second year. Began trusting parents in the few later years..
     Nomad life began..School and home shifted.
     The fifth year saw me joining up for Nursery or pre-primary or whatever. I remember it used to be much of a mess when I joined the Kindergarten grade in the seventh year. Shifted again and found myself landed up in Chennai. Ninth sentence: the ninth year, I took up sports for bodily exercises, and, which I find very much of a good decision. Tenth year i started writing my novel, and studies began pacing up.
      In the eleventh year of my life I changed my school again and rediscovered joy for life. Twelfth year life became real good, I was getting a bit more successful and life more purposeful, my first novel came out. Thirteenth year, here I am.....waiting for the fourteenth year.........

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