Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pencil vs Pen

   I will not talk about pen here. I prefer using pencil, even now. Some-many-people ask me why don't you use pen for everything.
  Even some teachers give notes in my school books to use pens completely and to shun pencils.

  Sometimes I asked myself, "Why should I use pen when I like pencil more than pen?"
     Then I got an answer: Because you're a SENIOR now." 
    Is this it?

Okay, I’ll ask again then, “Why Senior High School students HAVE TO USE pen?”
Look, pencil is classic. If you make a mistake while you writing, you can use the eraser. If you use pen, it’s permanent. You can use something like a “corrector”, but it makes your paper dirty—I think.
I have another reasons why I love pencil.
  1. You can tuck your pencil behind your ear.
  2. You can sharpen your pencil.
  3. Pencil is cheap.
  4. If your pencil is wet, you can dry it. But for pen, you must think about the ink.
  5. Pencil is durable.
See? Please, I love pencil more than pen. I remember when my teacher said to me, “Your writing is not clear if you use pencil.” Then, I think, the problem is my writing, not my pencil. Though I use pen, my writing will be as ugly as USUAL.
Please, don’t force me.
Thank you.


  1. I've been finding your blog to be a most interesting read. You might want to remove the black-highlighting though. It's a little hard on the eyes while reading. :)

  2. Thanks a lot. I too find your various blogs useful and will follow them intensely. Sure, I'll do that.

  3. Another good reason for using pencil is that it works in anti-gravity environment (outer space) unlike most pens, as their inks don't work in space :) Pencil is not only handy for people in the World, but outside too! :0