Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kapil Sibal and his censorship; Dear, Keep it Sibal, Silly.


   #IdiotSibal is back. Yes, such hashtags have been doing their daily rounds. Earlier this week, Kapil Sibal, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology expressed his desire to web services like Facebook and Google to pre-screen material that may be considered offensive, inflammatory and/or defamatory. He examples he showed the services, included a Facebook page where Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh were not portrayed in a very good light, as well as examples of religious intolerance on the social networks. Facebook and Google already have facilities in place to report offensive content and removal of offensive content. However, setting up a human task force to pre-screen content and ensure its removal is a task too big for the tech giants. For one, the amount of content that Indian web users produce on a daily basis is far too much for the services to possibly screen. The other problem is that their employees cannot be held responsible for deciding which content is offensive and which isn’t.

   The two giants, Facebook and Google, have been silent on the matter. Thanks for that.

    I guess it's time to dish out real fast at Sibal now. So it's screening content after it's uploaded now. Been getting objectionable dreams about Sibal these days. He is never quiet. According to media reports, Sibal met top executives of companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft and told them to find a way of screening and thus preventing disparaging comments or imagery about himself or his ilk from appearing on the internet. (Normally what happens is they first appear, then some idiot takes offence, and they are taken off.)

   But the executives let him down. They told him pre-censorship was impossible because Facebook has 25 million users in India, and Google, 100 million. Anyway, why can't he get a life, and solve what really are problems and which also happens to be your job. Not gagging netizens! Henceforth all song lyrics containing sonia/soniye will be banned! Live, up Sibal! That's my advice to you.

   PS: Do check out this picture below:


  1. I enjoyed that picture :) lol
    Even anna is also a joker at sometime..
    instead of blocking malicious these ppl will block everyone, like they did for SMS ban.. do we have freedom ? or are we in china ?

  2. Yeah! But anyway. Kapil did not censor! We are rejoicing till then!