Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nothing like School Days- I know, all of you don't agree!

    I believe school days are some of the best moments of life, even though you feel school sucks, at times. But what about the fun with friends?
     Chatting with friends, taunting teachers ( hope you guessed that this is my favorite hobby), jumping on benches, hanging and fooling around with friends, and the like.
      Irresistible fun!, nothing else!
      Well,  will miss some teachers too. Disrupting school functions, hostile talks with the school peon, all are a part of my mischief in school!
        I am sure I will miss these school days, and hoping to make the best of them while I'm at it.



  1. Make the best of it !! Missin' teachers eh ??!! Can't bear missing to tease them ??

  2. I miss them because jeering them is fun!