Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dancing with the winds and the rain!

 Another experience of my life, being soaked in the rain, and this time, while cycling!
     This time round, I was off for taking a xerox of my hindi textbook. After the xerox, whew!
        The dark clouds paved their way in and it was a rainy evening. The thunder of the clouds was eminent as rough rain shattered in through my spectacles' lenses. Struggling to go back home, I finally reached, and if you're thinking this was the end of my rainy experience, then sorry, you're wrong.
        What's better than splashing around the wet, dirty puddles, and dancing with the gushy wind? Truly, the rain made my day. And I also discovered that I could do a bit of a dance!
        Atishoo!! I've got a cold, actually. Okay, let's call the cold as a memorandum for my best rainy day ever!



  1. Memories !! You got wet and you talk about memories !! A bit of this exaggeration makes you think that I am actually trying to provoke you, but I love getting wet .... that's all that lies in my mind right now...Cheers !!

  2. superb memories ! bt iTHINK u lived to ur best dat day ! :) ;)