Sunday, August 28, 2011

the ignored monkey

   I was actually searching google pages for a tattoo that would fit to my liking and then I saw one which had the famous ‘3 wise monkeys’ – just that the monkeys were replaced with frogs. 

As far as I remember I always thought these rules depicted by this sculpture (it supposedly came from a Japanese folk religion) were brilliant, but yesterday, I had a different take on it.

I thought, if I were to build a fresh sculpture of these monkeys, I would have kept only one and fired the other two. They are not required and you will see why. :-)

The monkey that I would have kept would have his hands placed on his heart depicting acts of love – with a meaning that ‘DO NO EVIL’. If people don’t do evil things then no one would have had to shut their eyes, ears or mouth. :-)

As I was writing this post I was trying to find out if these ‘wise-monkeys’ had any specific name. I did not find any name, however I found out that there indeed was a fourth monkey which had his hands crossed depicting the same idea – and hence I decided to title this post as The ‘Ignored’ Monkey.

Just for a laugh: Maybe the artists of the sculpture were hard core communists, they could not allow 1 monkey to take away the job of 3 others, so instead they chose to omit him and keep the other 3!

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