Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lessons from a Boring Day

  It was yet another leisure time of mine in which I was getting bored. I decided to switch on the Television(something which i hardly do, and thus, did that on the boring day) to while away time.
    Little did I know that the Idiot Box would, much to my own amusement, many things I'd never know if not fir it.
    Every hour spent watching TV puts a toddler seven words behind TV-free babies, researchers say. But still, I must admit children who watch TV are, to some extent, way smarter. Perhaps TV does educate you.
      For example you learn a medical fact: A person who has been shot b a bullet always speaks a partial sentence before he dies. 'The killer was..he was..' (dies). You also get useful information like all architectural buildings have air vents big enough to crawl through and investigate.
     The most important learning being "Life Skills." Bad things happen under special circumstances such as dark and stormy nights. Once a person is emotionally broken, it causes him/her to wander out alone in the stormy night without umbrellas. And contrary to this scientists say the crack of lightning and flash happen simultaneously, wherever you are.
  Police officers can also learn from TV. Whenever your boss says 'You cannot work on this case,' that's when you solve the case.
    Hmm, The page is finished. Let's get outta here!

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