Tuesday, September 27, 2011


   The sun weighs down upon my soul.

   It's a few hundred degrees as soon it's safe to call it a morning. I would've said it felt cold and dark because that's what it's like on the inside, but this holy Sun of ours has left me with no choice.

   It had been many days and I couldn't write right. there was this lack of concentration feeling again. I was bottling up my thoughts, waiting for them leak or erupt out anytime. The brutal school life had been taking its toll- as if taking time to catch up there wasn't enough, there were these cumbersome unusually useless files, lost pens and emotional overloads. 

  Of course, I need to stop talking crazy, but hey, issues come strangle me by the neck. With ink-spotted shirts and parched throats, I make my way towards the semester examination hall. Not to forget the fire-eyed invigilators, waiting for someone to peek around. And of course, the silence of a friend in the examination hall, which sometimes brings tears.

   All factors of examination blues, in my case.