Monday, September 26, 2011

A title of titles, like, to end them.

    Writing entries is by and large a breeze for me. The words tend to flow readily, as if they’ve been scrabbling at the gate that is my fingertips and waiting to be set free.
    Clicking “Publish” is another matter. By contrast to the writing, that seemingly small step can take me days to complete.

      Somewhere between these two tasks on the effort-required spectrum is titling my posts. It wasn’t always something I thought about. At the beginning, oh so many months ago*, I’d slap on the first accurate title that sprang to mind. Happily, these mostly didn’t result in titles like “Today is Thursday” or “Rocks are Pretty.”

     There have occasional lame titles, but nothing too bad to rant about here.

      And yes, i must add that this post had been sitting in the draft folder for six weeks! Like Monday's email cleanup, i had let go of this one.

      And yes, recently I have been active on Twitter, and mastered the ability to condense thoughts into 140 characters. And hence, the title.


  1. Agreed Rohit, letting out your thoughts is one thing, but to give it a title... Spare me !!

    1. Can understand your predicament! Hopefully both of us get over this!