Saturday, October 29, 2011

Congrats TRAI

Dear TRAI,
I just want to congratulate your absolutely foolproof brilliant plan to stop spam messages!
Who cares about people who are unable to console their friends about a broken dream or breakup because their hundred messages for the day are over and they have only ten paise balance!
Apart from spam messages, you have also efficiently put a stop to all those random forwards we send to those “friends” (…;)) with whom we desperately wanted to start a conversation! But hey, don’t bother about us! You need to block SPAM messages!
You have given us greater excuses to not stay in touch with friends who we rarely talk to but want to often and can’t because of difficulty in balancing our balance! But hey! Congrats! You have successfully demolished one of the main reasons why messaging was so convenient! (And as a friend points out you have shift+delete -d all the possibilities of eligible kadalai over sms ;) )
And Mr. Zuckerberg must be totally happy with you because now, thanks to you, all those desperate “i want to make a conversation” messages are flowing in the form of facebook chat windows! I’m surprised he hasn’t announced his special respect for you yet!
Also, you have outdone all management lessons by teaching us three things – the value of each message, how to be more active on the internet and hating you! My heart goes out to all those poor “class representatives”, and “club presidents” who have to move themselves to an internet lab where many computers don’t work to send those group messages about a class or a meeting getting cancelled and to those students who turn up for the meeting or class because their class rep or presi couldn’t send them those group messages!
And you want to know the reason why I’m writing this letter to you now? I just taught my mother to text because she was getting worried that I was too busy to pick her calls! And bingo, you come along and I anyways, have to pick her calls now (or get her worried) because my hundred messages usually don’t last for more than a couple of hours!
And you see, multiple sim cards don’t work for many of us as we have gazillions of contacts to text, all of whose numbers we are unable to transfer as we have a life to live! And not all of us have dual sim phones! And thanks to you, the sale of multiple sim phones is going to increase!
You have proved that the answer to a problem is not an efficient solution but another huge problem! But hey! Congrats on solving the problem of spam smses most of which we still receive and almost all of which never bothered us anyway! And thanks A LOT!

Troubled people


  1. thanks for write this post rohit. i have lot of problems trai plan. i cant chat with my all friends becuase of this trai plan. i have to send each msg very carefully in that fear that just some are left for today.

  2. Welcome, and yes, many of us are facing problems. Well, hope is that the increase to the 200-message cap will prove helpful. And,the main question is whether it will really kill spam.