Sunday, October 23, 2011


   When the skies prepared for the showers, my mind was filled with memories of my childhood, penetrating so deep that, the scents of those dragged me into a state of reminiscence.

   Then I realised how beautiful these scents were; the scents that brood in me with obligations, which even shape my life. The smells which tend to bloom into a philosophical poem, influencing my thoughts. Smells of love, passion, agony, mischief, disaster, warmth, care, etc., which sometimes intoxicate me or sometimes make  me to gloom and solitude. They sometimes cover my ego with their selfless wings or sometimes abandon me at once.

   Back in the days…

   I remember how beautiful the rains were in my childhood. When the first showers of monsoon intruded into the earth, disturbing the stagnant smells, which at once jumped up majestically everywhere, I ran out in rain, closed my eyes and inhaled. It gave me a state of exhilarant, and suddenly I felt nothing, but only the rain and the joy delivering me from all thoughts, worries, parting me from the other part of the world. These smells were my constant companions, with whom I mused, I played, I dreamed and I lived. 

    Thankfully, there are still traces of these scents. OK, back to Nostalgia.

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